Driving Social Change in Agile & Business with Natalie Warnert

Natalie Warnert is an independent consultant and the founder of Women in Agile, which started five years ago and has spread far and wide. Since then, Warnert has written her theses about why women are less involved in the Agile community. In her research, she has uncovered interesting biases that men and women have about themselves and each other. She briefly touches on current social movements that show how views on equality, inclusivity and diversity are converging. She’s also excited about the grassroots pop-up chapters of Women in Agile that people are starting: “It’s been so great to see people taking initiative to do these things… I can’t do it alone and I don’t want to.” Other topics include globalization, UX, and AI.

Hosted by Leslie Morse in NYC at Business Agility 2018. Morse mentions this podcast: Agileamped – Limitations-opportunities-of-neurophysiology

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