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An Interview with Alan Belniak (Product Manager & Marketer)

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

John Cass

September 2, 2019


Welcome to the Deep Dive into Agile Marketing! This podcast series is produced by the Business Agility Institute and hosted by John Cass. In this first episode, John interviews Alan Belniak. Alan shares his experience drawing from a decade of B2B tech companies and describes himself as an all-in consumer and practitioner of social media, content marketing, and online community activity to help create, enhance, and truly connect a business to prospects or customers.

Don't miss this exciting first episode from the Deep Dive into Agile Marketing!

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

Want to learn more about agile marketing? We're releasing a new podcast series hosted by agile marketing expert John Cass. On each episode, he will interview a featured guest with a unique perspective on agile marketing and how organizations can introduce an agile mindset into their marketing strategy. Learn more about the agile transformation in a variety of industries and how an organization's marketing team can work as a team more effectively, welcome change and experimentation, and embrace failure as a means of improvement--all with the goal of improving outcomes for customers.

How to listen: The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts. Be sure and subscribe to get a notification when a new episode is available!

About the host: John has more than 20 years of marketing and digital marketing experience. He is the author of Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging, published in 2007, and a Past-President of the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association. John was the chair of the 2012 SprintZero Conference where the Agile Marketing Manifesto was developed. He is the Co-founder of the Boston Agile Marketing Meetup, the Agile Marketing Facebook Group, and a moderator for the Agile Marketing Linkedin group.

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