Open Salaries – From employees to managing partners by Alexey Voronin

Do you want to hire the best? I suppose yes. Do you want them to grow and ime their skills…

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Agile and HR Driving cultural change as one team by Amy Jackson

Is your HR department slowing you down? Do you feel like they’re a major impediment in your agile journey? We…

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How Collaborative Play & Games can enable Human Resources to better support Business Agility

Several years ago, I began exploring ways to incorporate collaborative practices and activities familiar within the agile community to improve…

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Agile HR – a Game Changer

Sky Betting & Gaming is fast-growing, award winning digital company. We will take you on an agile transformation within our…

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From solo artists to an orchestra; a journey toward playing as an ensemble

Agile adoption in IT teams all over the world has been huge, but we are just beginning to explore how…

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Fabiola Eyholzer – TalentSumerization The Employee Experience in Agile Enterprises

Speaker: Fabiola Eyholzer Subject: TalentSumerization – The Employee Experience in Agile Enterprises Title: CEO @ Just Leading Solutions Everything about work…

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Marsha Z Shenk – Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet

Speaker: Marsha Z Shenk Subject: Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet Title: Consultant / Coach / Founder @The BestWork® People Sustaining curiosity…

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Pia-Maria Thorén – There is only intrinsic motivation

Speaker: Pia-Maria Thorén Subject: There is only intrinsic motivation Title:Inspiration Director & Agile People Coach @GreenBullet Pia-Maria will be talking…

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Selling Agile Across the Enterprise

You’ve started on Agile project. You’ve probably got IT management on board. You’ve read the manifesto. You’ve got a wall…

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