Jason Hall Shares Lithespeed’s Peer-Based Recognition Program

Lithespeed’s Jason Hall understands that keeping employees engaged and happy is important. Toward this end many organizations have reward systems:…

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Amber King Champions Self-Selection for Happy Teams

Amber King is a fan of team self-selection, which, in her experience, yields happier, more empowered, more productive teams. Amber…

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Structuring Your Business For Agility by Phil Abernathy

Almost all companies need to get better, faster, cheaper and happier! But how? Business Agility is an option but changing…

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Evan Leybourn – Certain Uncertainty (Agile Prague)

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before and organisations of every size are struggling to remain relevant in…

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Agile Mindset by Yves Hanoulle

In the agile community, we focus a lot on techniques and methodologies that help us to do agile. Yet we…

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Everyone Is A Designer by Liam Hutchinson

Folks all around us make design decisions every day. We might not always be aware of them, and they might…

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The Hidden Variable

by Bret Nelson | Talent and Organizational Development, Sales Enablement, Leadership Coaching, Business Agilist @ IHS Markit

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NeuroPhysiology: a Master Key to Business Agility

Our brains, the processors on which we depend, developed in the Stone Age. For 150 – 300,000 generations our ancestors…

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Agile Lighthouse: MVV as a Beacon for your Agile Transformation

There is frequent discussion about how a healthy agile culture is imperative to the agile transformation, but how do we…

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