Why lawyers don’t like Agile by Stewart James

Lawyers like certainty – certainty of outcome, cost, quality, time and more. Agile methodologies are anathema to lawyers and traditional…

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Agile Contracts a Template by Allan Kelly

“Our clients want to know what they are buying, how much it will cost and when it will be ready….

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3 Ways To Restore Government Contracts for Agile Services by Manjit Singh

Governments are increasingly buying agile services. Yet these agile services are bought and governed by the same contracts used for…

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The Hidden Variable

by Bret Nelson | Talent and Organizational Development, Sales Enablement, Leadership Coaching, Business Agilist @ IHS Markit

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NeuroPhysiology: a Master Key to Business Agility

Our brains, the processors on which we depend, developed in the Stone Age. For 150 – 300,000 generations our ancestors…

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Agile Lighthouse: MVV as a Beacon for your Agile Transformation

There is frequent discussion about how a healthy agile culture is imperative to the agile transformation, but how do we…

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Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Sociocracy

The challenges companies face today in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world call for Agile throughout the company….

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Founder’s Mentality and Micro-battles: Summary

Only about one company in eleven has sustained profitable growth during the past decade—and for those that failed to grow,…

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Fabiola Eyholzer – TalentSumerization The Employee Experience in Agile Enterprises

Speaker: Fabiola Eyholzer Subject: TalentSumerization – The Employee Experience in Agile Enterprises Title: CEO @ Just Leading Solutions Everything about work…

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Marsha Z Shenk – Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet

Speaker: Marsha Z Shenk Subject: Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet Title: Consultant / Coach / Founder @The BestWork® People Sustaining curiosity…

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Pia-Maria Thorén – There is only intrinsic motivation

Speaker: Pia-Maria Thorén Subject: There is only intrinsic motivation Title:Inspiration Director & Agile People Coach @GreenBullet Pia-Maria will be talking…

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Selling Agile Across the Enterprise

You’ve started on Agile project. You’ve probably got IT management on board. You’ve read the manifesto. You’ve got a wall…

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