Structuring Your Business For Agility by Phil Abernathy

Almost all companies need to get better, faster, cheaper and happier! But how? Business Agility is an option but changing…

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Leading Within by Andrea Provaglio

I’ve been coaching teams and managers along their path to Agile for years and, during all that time, the theme…

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Selling Agile Across the Enterprise

You’ve started on Agile project. You’ve probably got IT management on board. You’ve read the manifesto. You’ve got a wall…

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Agile Leadership by Zuzi Sochova

Organizations are constantly evolving, they change their structures, processes, and rules. Last decade they’ve been changing into Agile, and surprisingly…

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BOSSAnova – Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy by Jutta Eckstein

Today companies are expected to be flexible, rapidly responsive and resilient to change – which, basically, is asking them to…

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