Lose the labels, coach the culture, build the business … agility by Rich Batchelor

The story of a fast-growing manufacturing company – a family business with a weakness for old-school approaches, that took a…

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Learning to do Agile in Marketing by Antony Marsh

Marketers must comply with tight legal, brand, and risk requirements imposed on them by the organisations. How can we apply…

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Agile Governance: not an oxymoron by Bala Bulusu

Does an industry like investment banking, with its myriad controls and regulations, need more governance? Can agile be a good…

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Agility in a complex corporate structure, a M&A Story

Restructuring an organisation is complex and time consuming. Decision makers at the executive, board and even shareholder level don’t always…

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Fraedom Practice Model 2.0 by Gareth Holebrook

In 2015, after growing to 150 people, Fraedom established a practice model inspired by Spotify patterns. An additional innovation was…

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How a People and Culture team drove an agile transformation

We know agile values and principles have revolutionised the way software projects are delivered. Now we’re discovering the same agile…

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Enabling our people to do the best work of their lives

Today the business world is in a state of perpetual change and rapid transformation – something a game-changing business like…

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Open Salaries – From employees to managing partners by Alexey Voronin

Do you want to hire the best? I suppose yes. Do you want them to grow and ime their skills…

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