Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership recognizes your organization’s support and commitment to the continual improvement of Business Agility around the world. As a Business Agility Institute Member, you will be part of a growing community of professionals and organizations striving to help fellow members on their journey.

Corporate Membership is open to all types of organizations including corporations, consultancies, NGOs, academic institutions, and non-profits; whether you’re on your own business agility journey or providing services (“enabling” organizations) in the space of business agility. As a Corporate Member, everyone within your organization is entitled to access the benefits of membership.


Benefits of Corporate Membership

Brand yourself as a pioneer of Business Agility ⏷

Brand yourself as a pioneer in the space of Business Agility through the Business Agility Conference and Institute publications…

  • Public listing as a Corporate Member (logo, links and description) on the BAI website, conference videos and research papers
  • Permission to use the BAI brand, logo and membership badge
  • Joint press releases on topics in the public interest
  • Recognition and announcement opportunities via the BAI newsletter and mailing lists
  • Featured placement in BAI emails and social media announcements
  • Recognition at the Global Business Agility Conference*
  • Company description and logo display on the conference website, CFP and program guide*
  • Provide reading material in the conference quiet room*
* only with confirmed registration
Access to the global Business Agility Conference ⏷

Complimentary and discounted tickets and up to three nominated facilitator opportunities at the global Business Agility Conference…

  • Send up to six delegates to any Business Agility Conference worldwide. A minimum saving of $9,600 USD (based on the NYC conference).
  • An additional 25% discount on all additional tickets.
  • Nominate any delegate as a conference facilitator (subject to interview and selection).
  • Share discount packs with your clients.
Private Business Agility Executive Forums ⏷

Be one of 20 executives joining us for a two-day, invite-only, discussion forum on the challenges of your business agility journey…

  • Offered at no cost to our member organizations
  • Learn from other executives what is takes to lead an agile organization
  • Learn from thought leaders, executives, and practitioners on a variety of relevant topics
  • Each Executive Forum is led by a world-class facilitator.
  • Like the Business Agility Conference in NYC, emphasises each Forum collaborative dialog over passive listening
Access leading research from the Business Agility Institute ⏷

Be the first to tackle wicked problems with our research reports and whitepapers…

  • With 8 programmes planned for this year, be the first to access leading research addressing wicked Business Agility problems.
  • Watch high-quality videos explaining key Business Agility concepts in an accessible and sharable format.
  • Take the opportunity to contribute thought-leaders from your organisation to lead the research programmes.
  • Attach your logo and brand to our research publications.
Complete access to all Business Agility assets ⏷

Including; the Business Agility Library, organisational health assessments, and all case studies and reference material…

  • Complete access to the Business Agility Library.
  • Access to over 200 case studies from companies around the globe.
  • Understand the Domains of Business Agility.
  • Detailed reference material for all primary business functions (e.g. HR, Finance, Sales, and Marketing).
Independent advice when procuring Business Agility consultants ⏷

Our independence allows us to advise and assist in the evaluation of Business Agility transformation partners…

  • Advise on procurement best-practices, KPIs & measures, and needed skills & competencies
  • Evaluation of RFP or RFT responses
  • Assess candidates experience and profiles
  • Promote the RFP to the broader business agility community to increase the quantity and quality of submissions
Benchmark your Business Agility maturity ⏷

Take the business agility survey to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your Business Agility journey…

  • Take the business agility survey and discover your strengths and challenges against the Domains of Business Agility.
  • Compare yourself against similar organisations from around the world.
  • Discover best-practice methods to improve and amplify your business agility journey.
  • Receive regular updates on the health of your transformation.
Engage with the community ⏷

Opportunities to engage with and shape the Business Agility community through the local BAMs and the Industry Council…

  • Crowdsource solutions to your transformational challenges.
  • Share discounts and special offers with the Business Agility community.
  • Access the largest talent pool of business agilists from around the world.
  • Take part in, or even host, local Business Agility Meetups in over 30 cities worldwide.
  • Provide your employees with access to the BAI membership site.
Exclusive site visit experience for executives ⏷

An immersive, cohort-driven, learning opportunity for executive leaders that will equip them to make transformational changes in your companies…

  • Cohorts are comprised of 2-3 executives from five corporate members of the Business Agility Institute at similar stages of development (10-15 executives total).
  • CEOs are encouraged to set a challenge for their executives to solve in collaboration with their cohort.
  • Each cohort will take three site visits over 12-months.
  • Visits are a curated four-day experience led by a Business Agility Institute executive as well as a world-class facilitator.
  • Each site visit introduces and teaches new models and frameworks that you can use as “lenses” to see more during the site visits for a holistic view.
  • Each day’s activities include a variety of left- and right brained activities, conversations with innovators, cohort work sessions and pauses for reflection.
Requires an annual financial contribution of USD $20,000.

Benefits of Global Sponsorship

Global Sponsorship is for organizations who want a greater role in the Business Agility Institute research, programmes, and conferences. With no more than 5 organizations at this level, this is your opportunity to position yourself as a true global leader. In addition to the Corporate Membership benefits, Global Sponsors will also receive

Exhibition space at all Business Agility Conferences ⏷

This is your opportunity to connect with some of the most influential business agility practitioners and thought leaders…

  • A physical presence (e.g. booth or exhibition space) at all Business Agility Conferences worldwide.
  • This includes bringing exhibition space at our flagship conference in NYC in March.
  • It is a unique opportunity to promote your brand through optimal visibility and networking opportunities.
  • Scheduled events include; New York City (United States), Vienna (Austria), Melbourne (Australia), Bangalore (India), London (United Kingdom), and Columbus (United States).
  • Events in active planning include; Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, and Brazil.
Co-brand research initiatives ⏷

Exclusively co-create and co-brand one research initiative with the Business Agility Institute each year…

  • With 8 research programmes planned for this year, each global sponsor has the opportunity to exclusively co-brand the publication.
  • These are high-quality products and bring together the best research in an accessible and understandable format; including reports, videos, and whitepapers.
  • The Institute will work closely with you to determine the topic, approach and timing to the selected research.
  • Take the opportunity to contribute thought-leaders from your organisation to lead the research programmes.
More prominent positioning ⏷

Global sponsors are always positioned first in all publications, banners, and on the website…

  • Additional tickets to the global conference.
  • More prominent display of brand across the board.
  • One-on-one advisory with some of the top Business Agilists around the world.
Talk to us for more information.

Additional Paid Membership Addons

Our goal is to provide you with independent advice as well as the requisite skills and assets to jumpstart your business agility journey.

Private Business Agility seminars ⏷

Each private seminar provides business leaders with a concise understanding of business agility around the world and its implications…

15,000USD per day | This includes all seminar preparation but excludes travel and accommodation costs
  • We will invite Evan Leybourn, or any other Business Agility Leader that you select, to visit your organization and run short presentations about the global state of business agility.
  • Each seminar is customized for the audience to share insights and case studies in their domain; from HR, marketing, finance, procurement, and more.
  • These seminars will explore the mindset, approaches and skills in demand in today's dynamic and fast-moving world.
Corporate board advisory and training ⏷

In general, we do not perform training or advisory work. Working with your company board of directors is our only exception to this…

15,000USD per day | This excludes travel and accommodation costs
  • Provide training and ongoing advisory to company boards to educate them on the changing nature of business.
  • Provide recommendations for “agile” board members.
  • Develop corporate governance that is appropriate for the speed at which the organization needs to operate.
  • Develop new corporate KPIs (or OKRs) that align the business to the long-term customer vision.
Private Business Agility conference ⏷

As a private event, we will bring the greatest practitioners of business agility to your organization to share their experiences…

145,000USD | Includes everything in the private conference proposal (for up to 200 participants).
  • Share insightful and authentic talks on business agility.
  • Exchange and explore ideas between professionals.
  • At its core, running a private Business Agility Conference with the Business Agility Institute gives you access to a global community of Business Agility leaders and active support to help you create a successful event. You will receive critical assets, templates and support.

Corporate Membership Enrollment

Corporate Membership is conferred through two requirements;

  1. Committed executive participation (e.g. senior leadership attendance at the global conference or contribution of case studies)
  2. An annual financial contribution of USD $20,000 for standard membership (talk to us about global sponsorship if you want a physical booth/table at all Business Agility Conferences globally)

During the application for Corporate Membership, we’ll ask you to demonstrate how your organization promotes Business Agility internally and with your clients (if applicable). We will ask you to demonstrate:

  • Senior management interest in, and support for, Business Agility
  • A commitment to promote the benefits of Business Agility within your own organization and that of your clients and partners (if you are a service provider)
  • Organizational commitment to abide by the BAI Code of Conduct

Membership Form

Prospective members should follow the instructions provided below for becoming a member:

Code of conduct | Membership agreement

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