Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership recognizes your organization’s support and commitment to the continual improvement of Business Agility around the world. As a Business Agility Institute Member, you will be part of a growing community of professionals and organizations striving to help fellow members on their journey.

Corporate Membership is open to all types of organizations including corporations, consultancies, NGOs, academic institutions, and non-profits; whether you’re on your own business agility journey or providing services (“enabling” organizations) in the space of business agility. As a Corporate Member, everyone within your organization is entitled to access the benefits of membership.


Corporate Membership benefits fall under four categories;

  1. Branding yourself as a pioneer in the space of Business Agility through the Journal of Business Agility, the Business Agility Conference, and Institute websites and mailing lists.
  2. Complimentary and discounted tickets and up to three nominated facilitator opportunities at the global Business Agility Conference.
  3. Complete access to all Business Agility assets including; the Business Agility Library, white-labelled Business Agility courseware, organisational health assessments, and all case studies and reference material.
  4. Opportunities to engage with and shape the Business Agility community through the Business Agility Industry Council and the Institute’s member website.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Brand yourself as a pioneer in the space of Business Agility

  • Invitation to contribute to the Journal of Business Agility (subject to peer review)
  • Member recognition in the Journal
  • Public listing as a Corporate Member (logo, links and description) on the BAI website, conference videos and journal
  • Permission to use the BAI brand, logo and membership badge
  • Joint press releases on topics in the public interest
  • Recognition and announcement opportunities via the BAI newsletter and mailing lists
  • Featured placement in BAI emails and social media announcements
  • Special recognition at the Global Business Agility Conference*
  • Company description and logo display on the conference website, CFP and program guide*
  • Provide reading material in the conference quiet room*
  • Opportunity to host social events for conference delegates*

* only with confirmed registration

Engagement at the Global Conference

  • Send up to four delegates to the global conference
  • Nominate any delegate as a conference facilitator (subject to interview and selection)
  • Send additional delegates at a discounted rate
  • Discount packs for your clients

Complete access to all Business Agility assets

  • Complete access to the Business Agility Library
  • Bootstrap your business agility education with our ICP-BAF accreditable white-labelled Business Agility courseware.
  • Take organisational health self-assessments and compare yourself against similar organisations
  • Access to global case studies and reference material

Engagement with the Community

  • Nominate an executive to the Business Agility Industry Council
  • Vote on Council nominations
  • Option to license BAI events
  • Provide your employees with access to the BAI membership site (even if they’re not members)

Founding Member

Founding Member status is available for organizations wishing to show an extra level of support for the Business Agility profession and the next generation of agile companies.

A Corporate Member can be elevated to a Founding Member status through additional contributions to the Institute. This could be in the form of bringing in senior executives of client organizations as Journey Members, bringing in additional companies as Corporate Members, or additional investment in the BAI.

Upon reaching this status you get access to an additional set of exclusive benefits.

  1. Use of the “Business Agility Founding Member” title
  2. Additional tickets to the global conference
  3. More prominent display of brand across the board
  4. One-on-one advisory with some of the top Business Agilists around the world
  5. Higher likelihood of being elected to the council or BAI Board

Membership Form

Prospective members should follow the instructions provided below for becoming a member:

Code of conduct | Membership agreement

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