New Episode of Deep Dive Into Agile Marketing: Amy Luethmers

Welcome back! The latest episode of A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing is here. In episode six, John Cass interviews Amy Luethmers, Chief Marketing Officer at University of Wisconsin-Stout. They discuss what it’s like to implement an Agile transformation at a higher education institution, what it’s like to teach colleagues from other departments about the benefits of Agile, and how the transformation also turned the marketing department into a true team.

You won’t want to miss episode six, featuring Amy Luethmers!

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About the show: A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

Want to learn more about agile marketing? “A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing” is your newest resource from the Business Agility Institute! On each episode, agile marketing expert John Cass will interview a featured guest with a unique perspective on agile marketing and how organizations can introduce an agile mindset into their marketing strategy. Learn more about the agile transformation in a variety of industries and how an organization’s marketing team can work as a team more effectively, welcome change and experimentation, and embrace failure as a means of improvement–all with the goal of improving outcomes for customers.

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About the host: John Cass is an expert at building content production and social media relationship systems for brands and agencies. He has worked at several companies where he’s managed the development of content strategies and their execution. In addition, he has supporting experience in Technical SEO, user experience, marketing automation, and conversation optimization for the web. Connect with John on LinkedIn >

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